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How to remove an Embedded Fishhook Past the Barb

In the course of fishing, sooner or later, you’ll have a hook penetrate a finger, hand or arm past the barb. Here are a few methods for removing hooks.

When a hook's point and barb are protruding out the skin, it's easier to cut off the barb and back the hook out of the wound. This is when those sharp wire cutters come in handy.

The best method that seems to be recognized by most experienced hook remover professionals and even by some doctors is called the snatch method. No matter where the hook ends up this method works.

This method is quick, simple and relatively painless, as long as you get it on the first try. The secret to a first time success is yanking the loop of line, which is wrapped around the embedded hook, rather hard so the hook comes out on the first try. If you don't get it the first time, you probably won't get another chance.

The snatch method of hook removal is simple and effective, It's the best method to remove a hook that's deeply imbedded in the skin and when the barb is buried.

  • To perform the snatch method when the barb is imbedded, all that's needed is a short length of fishing line, at least 10 pound test, approximately 2 feet long.

  • Remove hook from lure.

  • Double the fishing line and loop it around the hook, as close to the skin's surface as possible.

  • Hold onto both ends of the doubled line, wrapping them around your hand for a firm grip and holding the line parallel to the skin's surface in line with the hook.

  • With your other hand, press the eye of the hook down onto the surface of the skin and back toward the hook's bend, as if trying to back the hook out of the wound.

  • While pressing on the hook eye, yank the line sharply, parallel to the skin and in line with the hook, to snap the hook back out of the wound.

  • Apply antibiotic ointment, bandage wound and check to make sure tetanus shots are current