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Using the Uni-Knot to Snell a Hook

  • Thread six inches of line through the eye of the hook.

  • Hold the line against the hook's shank, and form a Uni-Knot circle.
    Make five to seven turns through the loop and around the standing line and hook's shank.

  • Tighten by pulling the standing line in one direction and the tag end in the other.

I have found the Uni-knot to be the knot of choice when I tie my Trout and Redfish rigs. I use 30 lb fluorcarbon leader material with the above knot. This allows you to create a strong and straight knot that tightens up when you have a bull red or large row trout on the other end. It is also effective if you are catching large ladyfish as well. The Knot doesn't slip. Tying your hook directly to the leader also elimanates loss of catches due to faulty snap swivels.